Dive into the 2017 Donruss Optic Football Hobby Box with Us!

Dive into the 2017 Donruss Optic Football Hobby Box with Us!

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of NFL football cards? If so, then we have the perfect product for you – the 2017 Donruss Optic NFL Football HUGE Factory Sealed MEGA BOX! Packed with 10 packs, including an EXCLUSIVE MEMORABILIA Card ⁣and 10 EXCLUSIVE Red & Yellow ROOKIE PARALLELS, this box is truly loaded with surprises! Join‍ us as we⁣ take‌ a closer look at this incredible product, filled with cards from the amazing 2017 NFL Rookie Class. Get ⁢ready​ to uncover⁢ Rookie Cards and ⁤Rookie Autographs from some of the biggest names⁣ in the league, including Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky, Alvin ‍Kamara, and more! With exciting⁤ new inserts and ⁣a⁢ variety of parallels to collect, this product is sure to ⁢keep you entertained for hours on end. Whether you’re ⁣a‍ seasoned collector or new to the game, this ⁢Donruss ⁣Optic Mega ‌Box is a ​must-have addition to‍ your collection. Stay tuned as we share our first-hand experience with⁤ this must-have product!

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The 2017 Donruss Optic NFL‍ Football Mega Box⁢ is a must-have for any⁢ NFL card collector! This factory-sealed box is loaded with 10 ​packs, each containing 4 cards, including an exclusive memorabilia card and 10 exclusive red & yellow rookie parallels. The box features rookie ⁤cards and autographs from top players like Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky, Alvin Kamara, and more. Plus, you ⁣can collect the super popular Optic Rated Rookie Cards and the Optic Rainbow ⁤parallels. This‍ product is truly a treasure trove for football card enthusiasts!

In addition to the exciting rookie cards‍ and parallels, the 2017 Donruss Optic Mega Box ‌also ⁢includes new ‍inserts⁤ like the 1981 Tribute, Illusions, and AKA, which showcases 30‍ of the league’s greatest nicknames.⁢ The‍ box is packed⁢ with ⁣base,⁢ base holo, aqua, orange, and ⁣blue numbered parallels, making it a​ thrilling unboxing experience for any collector. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, this Mega Box offers​ a fantastic opportunity to ⁢add unique and exclusive cards to your collection. Don’t miss out on your chance to own this‍ amazing product – click here‍ to purchase now!

Exciting Features and Highlights

The 2017 Donruss Optic ⁤NFL​ Football MEGA Box is jam-packed with exciting features that any football fan will love.⁣ One of the highlights of this box is the inclusion of an EXCLUSIVE MEMORABILIA Card, adding a special touch to⁣ your card collection. Additionally, the box contains TEN EXCLUSIVE Red &⁤ Yellow Rookie Parallels, giving you the opportunity to own unique cards ⁤that can only be found in this box. With a stacked lineup of NFL rookies like Deshaun Watson, Alvin Kamara, and Christian McCaffrey, the thrill of‌ pulling a prized card is⁣ just a pack away!

To add to the excitement, this MEGA Box offers a variety of insert sets featuring 1981 Tribute, Illusions, and AKA​ nicknames of past and present⁣ NFL stars. From base cards to numbered parallels in Aqua, Orange, and Blue, the Optic Rainbow collection is sure ‌to dazzle collectors of all ‌levels. Whether ​you’re hunting for ⁤Rookie Cards, Rookie Autographs, or seeking to expand your Optic Rated Rookie‌ collection, this box is brimming with possibilities. Get your hands⁤ on this loaded MEGA Box and experience the thrill of the hunt​ for your next prized NFL card! Check it out here!

In-Depth Analysis and Insights

Upon delving into the 2017 Donruss ⁤Optic NFL Football MEGA Box, we were pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of exclusive ⁣features it contains. The inclusion of a⁢ MEMORABILIA Card and TEN Red ⁢& Yellow ROOKIE ⁢Parallels truly sets this product apart from others on the market. With 10 packs and 4 cards per pack, the box offers ample opportunities to uncover sought-after Rookie Cards and Rookie Autographs from​ the standout 2017 NFL Rookie Class. The Optic Rated Rookie Cards, along⁢ with the captivating⁢ inserts like 1981 Tribute and AKA, make ⁤for a dynamic collection-building experience that fans will appreciate.

One⁢ standout aspect of⁢ this product is the Optic Rainbow, ​which spans a variety of ⁣parallel options including Base, Base⁣ Holo, Aqua, Orange, and Blue numbered ‌Parallels. This diversity adds an extra ⁢layer of⁣ excitement to the ⁣unboxing experience, offering collectors the chance to unearth rare and valuable cards. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the hobby, the ⁤2017 Donruss Optic​ NFL Football MEGA Box delivers a treasure trove of exclusive content that will keep you coming back for more. If you’re ready to enhance your collection with top-tier NFL cards, ⁤don’t miss out on this loaded MEGA Box -​ click the link below to get yours ‍today!

Specific Recommendations

In terms of , we highly⁤ suggest checking out the 2017 Donruss Optic NFL Football HUGE ‌Factory Sealed MEGA ‌BOX. This box is jam-packed with exclusive memorabilia⁢ cards and red & yellow rookie parallels that you won’t find anywhere else. With a total of 10 packs and 4 ‍cards per⁣ pack, you’re bound⁣ to ⁣uncover some incredibly ​rare finds. ⁢The ‌box features rookie ‍cards from the ⁣loaded 2017 NFL⁣ Rookie Class, including standout ‌players like Deshaun Watson, ‌Alvin Kamara, and Patrick Mahomes.

Furthermore, the‌ Optic Rainbow collection in this box is a must-have for any serious collector. With base, holo, aqua, orange, and blue numbered ​parallels available, there’s no shortage of variety to expand your collection. The addition of exciting ⁤inserts like the 1981 Tribute and AKA ⁢cards featuring the league’s greatest nicknames only⁢ adds to the appeal of this exclusive set. So why wait? Uncover these amazing cards for yourself by ⁢clicking here and adding this incredible MEGA BOX to your collection today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

Before diving into the 2017 Donruss Optic Football Hobby Box, we decided to take a look at what customers had to say⁤ about this product. Here’s a⁢ summary of the most common sentiments:

Review Summary
1 Not worth the price hike
2 Lucky pull of Patrick Mahomes II Rookie Card
3 Great quality cards with potential for hits
4 Positive feedback on pricing, packaging, and delivery
5 Preference⁤ for other box ​options⁢ over Donruss Optic
6 Disappointment with duplicate cards

While some customers ⁢were disappointed with the price ‍increase and repetitive cards, others were thrilled with their lucky pulls.⁢ The consensus seems to be that the product offers high-quality cards, but the value may vary depending on personal⁣ preferences and​ luck. It’s important ​to consider these different experiences before making⁤ a purchase decision.

Have you ‍tried the 2017 Donruss Optic Football Hobby Box? Share your thoughts with us in ⁢the comments below!

Pros & Cons

One of the best‍ things about the 2017 Donruss Optic NFL Football HUGE Factory Sealed ‍MEGA ​BOX is the exclusive memorabilia ⁤card and‌ the 10 red & yellow rookie parallels that come⁣ with it. These unique items make this box a standout choice for football card collectors who want something special ⁤to add to ⁤their collection.

On⁢ the downside, some collectors may find the price of ⁢the box to be a bit high compared to other similar products on the market. Additionally, the ‌limited availability of the exclusive memorabilia card and rookie⁣ parallels may ‍make it difficult for some collectors to‌ complete their sets.

Overall, we believe that the 2017 Donruss Optic NFL Football HUGE Factory Sealed⁣ MEGA‍ BOX is a great​ choice for collectors who are looking for something unique and special to add to their collection. The ⁤exclusive memorabilia card and rookie parallels make this box a must-have for any serious football card collector.⁤ With a bit⁣ of patience⁤ and perseverance, collectors can complete their sets and have something​ truly special to show off to their friends.


Q: Are ⁤the‍ memorabilia cards included in ​this box game-worn or player-used?

A: The memorabilia⁤ cards included in this box are player-worn memorabilia cards, ⁣not game-worn.

Q: Are the rookie ⁢parallels numbered?

A: Yes, the​ exclusive red &‌ yellow rookie parallels included in this box are numbered.

Q: Can I expect to find autographs of the⁢ top rookies in this box?

A: Yes, you can find rookie autographs of top players like Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky, Leonard Fournette, Alvin Kamara, and more in this ⁢box.

Q: Are there⁢ any special inserts or rare cards to look ‌out for in this box?

A: Yes, there are exciting new⁤ inserts ‌including 1981 Tribute, Illusions, and AKA, which features 30 of the league’s greatest nicknames, past, and present. Plus, you can⁢ collect the Optic Rainbow with different base and numbered parallels.

Q: Is this box worth the price for the potential hits you can get?

A: Absolutely, this box is packed with exclusive rookie cards,‌ memorabilia‍ cards, autographs, and ​rare ‌inserts making it worth every penny for a‌ collector or NFL fan.

Unlock Your Potential

Thank‍ you for ‌diving into‍ the 2017 Donruss Optic Football Hobby Box with us! This product is truly a treasure trove for ‍NFL‌ fans and collectors, with its exclusive‍ memorabilia card, red & yellow rookie parallels, ‍and exciting rookie cards from the 2017 ⁣NFL Rookie Class. Don’t miss out on the chance to add these amazing⁢ cards to your ‌collection!

If you’re ready to experience the thrill of opening this Mega Box for yourself, click ⁤here ‌to grab ⁤yours now: Get your 2017 Donruss Optic Mega Box now!

Happy⁤ collecting, and may your pulls be as epic as the rookies featured in this ⁣set!

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