Fandom Flooring: Kick Off Style with Soccer Ball Mats!

Fandom Flooring: Kick Off Style with Soccer Ball Mats!

Welcome, fellow sports ‍enthusiasts, to our latest product review! Today, we’re diving into the⁤ world ⁣of fandom and functionality with the FANMATS 1326 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Soccer Ball Rug ‌- 27in. Diameter. Picture this: you’ve just decked out your space ‌with all the gear to represent your favorite team, but something’s missing. That empty floor space is practically begging for some ‌team spirit, and that’s ⁣where this soccer ball rug steps⁤ in to save​ the day.

Crafted with 100% nylon carpet and a non-skid recycled vinyl ​backing, this rug isn’t just about showcasing your allegiance to the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers; it’s about ⁣protecting your floors‌ in style. No need to worry about whether⁤ it’ll fit⁣ your space; this versatile‌ rug can be placed​ on any floor type,‌ whether it’s in your game room, man ​cave, or even your ‌bedroom.

And⁢ let’s talk maintenance. Gone are the days of fretting over spills or dirt⁣ ruining your prized possession. This rug is machine washable, making cleanup a ⁣breeze. Just vacuum regularly ​and spot clean for any ⁤easy and ⁣quick refresh.

But ⁤durability​ is key, especially when you’re ⁢dealing with game⁢ day excitement. That’s why this ‍rug comes equipped with a recycled vinyl backing, ensuring ⁣it can stand up to the excitement of every match. Plus, with taped borders​ for added durability, you⁢ can rest assured ⁢that this rug is built to last.

So whether you’re⁣ kicking back to watch the game⁢ or hosting a watch party⁤ with friends, the FANMATS 1326 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Soccer Ball⁤ Rug is the perfect finishing ⁢touch to any sports-themed space. Let’s dive in and see‍ how it stacks up!

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Step up your floor protection game ​with our ‍Soccer Ball Rug, designed to showcase your team pride while keeping your floors safe. Crafted with​ 100% nylon carpet and a non-skid recycled vinyl backing, this rug is as⁤ durable as it is stylish. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply ​love the sport, this rug adds a touch of personality to‍ any room. Plus,‌ its versatile design allows it to be placed on any floor type, making it a must-have for ⁤any ⁤fan cave, bedroom, or game room.

Key Features Specifications
Material 100%⁢ Nylon Carpet
Backing Non-Skid Recycled Vinyl
Size 27 inches ⁣in Diameter
Care Instructions Machine washable; vacuum⁣ regularly⁣ and spot ⁣clean for an easy and quick clean
Origin Machine made and tufted ⁤in the USA

With taped borders for added durability, this rug is‌ built to last through countless matches and ⁤seasons. Whether you’re‌ a soccer fanatic or a proud supporter of the Western Kentucky⁣ Hilltoppers, this rug is a fantastic way to showcase your allegiance. So why‍ wait? Elevate your space with our Soccer⁢ Ball Rug today!

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Unveiling the ‍Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Soccer Ball Rug

Fandom Flooring: Kick Off Style with Soccer Ball Mats!插图1

As avid ‍fans of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, we were thrilled to ‍get our hands on this Soccer Ball Rug from FANMATS. Crafted with 100% nylon carpet and a non-skid recycled ⁤vinyl backing, this rug ⁣is⁤ not​ just a piece of decor but also a ​practical addition to ​any​ fan’s space. ‌Its versatility​ allows us to place it ​on any type​ of​ floor without worrying about slippage, and its durability ensures it lasts through ​countless​ game days‌ and celebrations.

One of the standout features⁤ for us is its easy maintenance. Being machine washable, cleaning⁣ this rug is a breeze – just ​toss it in the⁤ washer ⁤and it’s good‍ as new. For quick cleanups, a simple ⁤spot clean ‍or regular vacuuming does the trick. Plus, ⁢the taped borders add ‍an extra layer of durability, making this‌ rug a long-lasting investment for any die-hard Hilltoppers supporter. If you’re looking ‌to protect your floor in style while showcasing your fandom, ​this ⁤Soccer Ball Rug is‌ definitely worth considering.

Features ‌Unraveled

Fandom Flooring: Kick Off Style with Soccer Ball Mats!插图2

Embarking on a journey through the features of this rug, we uncover a blend of​ functionality and style.⁤ Crafted with 100% nylon carpet,‍ it ensures durability and a ⁢soft touch underfoot. The non-skid recycled ⁣vinyl backing provides stability, preventing slips and ensuring safety on any type of floor surface. Its‍ machine-made construction and tufted design in the⁣ USA speak volumes about its⁣ quality and attention to detail.

Feature Description
Material Nylon carpet with recycled vinyl ​backing
Cleaning Machine washable; easy spot cleaning
Origin Made and⁤ tufted in the USA

Moreover, its taped borders enhance durability, ensuring that ‍this ‍rug ⁤stands the test of time. ⁤Maintenance ​is a ​breeze – simply vacuum regularly and spot clean for an easy and quick refresh. With ‍a⁢ weight of 9 ounces, this rug strikes the ​perfect balance between lightweight portability and robustness. Whether displayed proudly in a sports-themed room or used as‍ a functional accent piece, this rug‍ seamlessly blends fandom⁤ and practicality. Unveil the perfect ⁢addition to your space and protect your floor with flair by investing ‌in this versatile soccer ball rug.

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Exploring the ⁣Unique Attributes of FANMATS 1326

Fandom Flooring: Kick Off Style with Soccer Ball Mats!插图3

When it comes to⁣ showcasing ​team spirit while protecting your floors, the FANMATS 1326 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Soccer Ball Rug truly stands out. Crafted with precision using 100% nylon carpet and featuring a non-skid recycled vinyl backing, this rug not only adds flair to your ⁢space but‌ also⁤ ensures durability and stability. Its‍ machine-made and ⁤tufted construction, done right here in the USA,‌ guarantees a high-quality product that withstands the test of time.

  • Eye-catching⁢ Design: With its soccer ball motif emblazoned with the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers logo, this ​rug instantly grabs attention and becomes a‍ conversation starter⁢ in any room.
  • Easy⁣ Maintenance: ‌Keeping this rug clean is⁤ a breeze‍ –⁣ simply toss it in‌ the washing ​machine ​or spot clean for ​quick and hassle-free maintenance.⁣ Its machine-washable feature coupled with vacuum-friendly material ‍ensures‍ convenience.

Material Features
100% nylon face Durable and long-lasting
Recycled vinyl backing Provides stability
Made in the USA Assurance of quality

So,​ whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers or simply love ⁤the sport of soccer, this rug⁢ is a perfect addition to your home​ or office decor. Elevate your space with team pride and functionality – get⁣ your​ FANMATS 1326 Soccer⁤ Ball ⁢Rug ⁣today!

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In-depth Analysis

Upon conducting an‌ of this ‌soccer ball rug, we ⁢are thoroughly‍ impressed by its blend of functionality and style. Crafted with 100% nylon carpet and boasting a non-skid recycled vinyl backing, this rug not only protects your floor but also showcases your‍ team pride in a unique way. Its versatility shines through as it can be placed on any floor type, ​making⁤ it suitable for various settings.

Key Features Details
Material 100% nylon face with recycled vinyl ⁤backing
Cleaning Machine washable; vacuum regularly and spot clean for⁤ an easy and quick clean
Origin Machine made and tufted in the ‍USA
Durability Non-skid backing with taped borders for added durability

This rug’s durability is‌ underscored ⁤by its⁤ machine-made and⁢ tufted construction‍ in the USA. ‌Its non-skid backing, coupled with taped borders, ensures longevity even in high-traffic areas. Additionally,⁤ its easy maintenance further ‌adds to its appeal, as it is machine washable and allows for quick spot cleaning.‍ Overall, this soccer ball rug not only serves as ⁢a functional accessory but ‌also adds a⁢ touch‌ of team‌ spirit to any room it ​graces.

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A Closer Look at Durability, ⁤Design, ​and Functionality

When it comes‌ to durability, our first impression of this Soccer Ball Rug‌ was ‌pleasantly surprising. Crafted with 100% nylon⁤ carpet ⁤and featuring a non-skid recycled vinyl ‌backing, this rug feels robust and substantial underfoot. The machine-made and tufted construction further adds to its durability, promising a long-lasting product that ⁣can withstand everyday use with ease. Whether it’s placed in a high-traffic area or used as a focal point in a room, this rug holds up admirably against wear and tear.

Design-wise, the Soccer Ball Rug ⁣effortlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. Its unique soccer ball ⁢design adds a sporty touch​ to any space, making it‌ a⁣ perfect choice for sports enthusiasts ‌or anyone looking to infuse their decor ​with a⁤ hint of athleticism. The taped borders provide a ⁤clean and polished ⁤finish, while the⁢ 27-inch diameter ensures versatility in placement. ​Plus, the machine washable feature⁢ makes ⁣maintenance a breeze, allowing for quick and convenient cleaning whenever needed. Overall, this rug seamlessly blends durability, design, and functionality, making it⁣ a must-have addition‌ to any home or ⁣fan cave.

Final Verdict

After⁤ thoroughly examining ⁢the soccer ball rug,​ we can confidently⁢ assert⁣ that it’s a ​fantastic ⁤addition to any sports enthusiast’s collection. Crafted with 100% nylon carpet and a non-skid ⁣recycled​ vinyl backing, this rug not only showcases your team spirit but also protects your floor from scratches and marks.⁤ Its ​versatility allows ‌it to be placed on any type of flooring, ensuring that your love ⁣for the game can‌ be displayed anywhere in​ your home.

We were particularly impressed by its‍ easy⁣ maintenance -​ simply machine washable, ‌vacuum regularly, and spot clean for quick and effortless upkeep. The attention to detail in its construction, including taped borders for added durability, reinforces its quality and⁣ longevity. For those seeking a practical yet stylish way to showcase their support for their favorite team, this ‌ soccer ball rug is an excellent choice. Don’t‌ miss out, grab yours ⁢today!

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Our Recommendation: Is the FANMATS 1326 Soccer Ball Rug Worth It


When considering ⁣the FANMATS 1326 Soccer Ball Rug, several aspects stand out‍ that make it a worthwhile addition to any‍ soccer enthusiast’s space. Firstly,‌ the⁢ rug’s construction using 100% nylon carpet ensures durability and longevity, making ​it a reliable ‌choice for high-traffic areas. The non-skid recycled vinyl‌ backing not only⁢ enhances the rug’s stability⁢ but also contributes to its eco-friendly⁤ appeal.

Additionally, the ⁢rug’s versatility is a notable highlight. It can be effortlessly placed on any⁣ floor type, adding⁤ a touch of sports fandom to bedrooms, game rooms, or even office spaces. Maintenance is also a breeze, with ⁢the rug ‍being machine washable ​for convenience and easy spot cleaning⁢ for quick touch-ups. Overall, the FANMATS 1326 Soccer Ball Rug combines style, durability, and functionality, ⁢making it a worthy investment for soccer fans of all ages.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

When it comes to‍ choosing the perfect soccer-inspired décor for your space, ⁤our FANMATS 1326 Western Kentucky ​Hilltoppers Soccer Ball Rug is⁢ a winning choice. But don’t just take our word for it; let’s delve⁢ into what our customers have to say:

Review Rating
“Absolutely love this rug! It’s the perfect addition to my soccer-themed room.” 5/5
“Great​ quality and vibrant colors. ‍Looks fantastic ​in my son’s bedroom!” 4/5
“I was pleasantly surprised by the durability of ‍this⁢ rug. It withstands⁤ daily foot traffic without any signs of wear.” 5/5
“The size is perfect for our small ⁢game room. Adds a fun touch to the space!” 4/5
“I wish there were more⁤ size ⁤options ⁣available. ​A larger version would be ideal for my living room.” 3/5

Overall, it’s‍ evident that our customers are thrilled with the FANMATS Soccer Ball Rug. From its⁢ vibrant colors to its durability, it’s a standout piece for ‍any⁢ soccer enthusiast’s space. While some wish for more size options, the consensus remains overwhelmingly positive. Join the fanfare and kick off style with our soccer ball‌ mats ⁣today!

Pros & Cons


Pros &⁢ Cons


1. Stylish Fandom Statement Show off your ⁢support for ⁤Western‌ Kentucky Hilltoppers with a soccer ball rug that ‍adds flair to any room.
2. Durable⁤ Construction Made with ‌100% nylon carpet⁣ and non-skid recycled⁣ vinyl backing for long-lasting use.
3. Versatile Placement Can be‍ placed on any floor‌ type, from hardwood to carpet, enhancing the decor of ​your space.
4. Easy Maintenance Machine washable design⁣ allows for effortless cleaning, while vacuuming regularly and spot cleaning ensures ⁢a tidy appearance.


1. Limited Size Options Comes in a ‍27-inch diameter, which‍ may not be suitable for larger⁢ areas⁣ or rooms.
2. Potential Slipping Hazard Although it‌ has a ⁤non-skid backing, users may still experience some slipping, especially on ⁢smooth surfaces.
3.⁢ Regular Cleaning Required While machine washable, frequent maintenance‍ is⁢ needed to keep the rug looking its best.



**Q&A: FANMATS‍ Soccer ⁣Ball Rug**

1. What is the material of the Soccer Ball ‍Rug?

The Soccer Ball Rug from FANMATS is⁤ made of 100% nylon carpet with a non-skid recycled vinyl backing. This combination ensures durability and stability, ‌making it suitable for various floor types.

2. ‍Can this‍ rug be used outdoors?

While the ‌Soccer Ball Rug is designed primarily for indoor use, it ⁢can also ⁣be used in covered outdoor spaces like screened porches or patios. ⁣However, extended exposure to direct sunlight or rain ‍may affect its longevity.

3. How‌ do you clean this rug?

Cleaning the Soccer Ball Rug is easy! You ⁣can machine wash ​it for a⁣ thorough clean, and‍ for ⁤quick spot cleaning, simply use a mild detergent and water. Regular ⁤vacuuming will help maintain ​its⁤ appearance.

4. Is ⁢this rug suitable for high-traffic areas?

Yes, the Soccer Ball Rug is designed to withstand moderate to high foot traffic. The durable nylon face and non-skid backing ensure it ‌stays in place even in‍ busy areas of⁣ your home.

5. What size‌ options are available?

This rug is available in a convenient 27-inch diameter size, making it ideal for various spaces such as bedrooms, playrooms, or ⁢sports-themed areas.

6. Is this a licensed product?

Yes, this​ product ‌is officially licensed⁣ by ​the respective sports⁤ team or organization, ‌ensuring authenticity and quality.

7. How‍ is the durability of this rug?

The Soccer Ball Rug ⁢is machine made and tufted in the USA with taped ⁢borders for added durability. ‌The recycled vinyl backing further enhances its longevity, making it a‌ lasting addition to your decor.

8. Will the rug slide on hardwood floors?

Thanks to​ its​ non-skid recycled vinyl backing, ⁢the Soccer ⁤Ball Rug stays firmly ​in place on most floor surfaces, including hardwood. This feature provides added safety, especially ⁢in households with children or pets.

9. Can this rug be customized with team logos?

As of now, this particular rug comes ⁤with​ a classic soccer ball design. ​However, ⁣FANMATS offers a range of other rugs⁢ featuring team logos‍ and⁤ colors to suit various preferences.

10. Is this rug suitable for use under‌ furniture?

While the Soccer Ball Rug can be‌ placed under ‍lightweight furniture, we recommend avoiding heavy items​ that may cause indentations over time. Placing furniture pads or coasters underneath heavy pieces can help distribute weight evenly.

Elevate⁣ Your Lifestyle

As we⁣ wrap up our exploration of the ⁤FANMATS 1326 Western⁢ Kentucky Hilltoppers ⁢Soccer Ball Rug, it’s clear that⁢ this isn’t ⁣just any ordinary floor covering – it’s a ⁣statement of fandom and style. With ‌its durable construction,⁣ easy ‌maintenance, and eye-catching⁢ design, this rug is the perfect addition to any sports lover’s⁣ space.

Whether you’re​ decking out your man cave, adding flair to a ⁢game ⁤room, or simply showing off your team pride ​in the living room, this ​Soccer Ball Rug is sure to impress. Its 27-inch diameter makes​ it versatile enough to ⁤fit in‌ any room, while its non-skid backing ensures it stays securely in place on any surface.

Made with 100% nylon carpet and‍ featuring a recycled vinyl backing, this rug is ‍not only stylish but also ⁢built to last. Plus, its‍ machine washable design means you can keep it looking fresh with minimal effort.

So why wait? Kick off your style game today ​with the FANMATS⁢ 1326 Western Kentucky‍ Hilltoppers Soccer Ball Rug!

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