Revamp Your Ride with OxGord AC Dash Button Repair Kit!

Revamp Your Ride with OxGord AC Dash Button Repair Kit!

Looking to‌ fix ​those worn-out, faded A/C control buttons​ in your car? Look ⁣no further! ⁣We recently⁢ got our hands on the OxGord AC Dash Button Repair ‍Kit, and let us ⁣tell you, it’s a game-changer. The original design, made right here in‍ the USA, is perfect for breathing new life into⁢ your‌ car’s interior. Say goodbye to ruined buttons and hello to a sharp, fresh look. Keep reading to hear all‍ about our first-hand experience​ with​ this amazing product.

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Our experience​ with‍ the OxGord AC‍ Dash Button Repair Kit has been nothing short of amazing. The quality of the product is ⁢exceptional, as it is made from professional commercial grade⁢ plastic matte vinyl with blacked filmed adhesive. This not only protects the buttons⁤ from ⁣sun damage but‍ also effectively masks any fading paint, giving your vehicle a fresh and polished look.

Installation was ⁤a‌ breeze. ⁢We simply cleaned the surface, applied the decals over the matching buttons, and voila! The precise alignment and powerful adhesive ⁤ensured ‌a perfect fit.​ The ⁢decals are not just regular‍ stickers, they are ⁣designed to easily match their corresponding buttons. Before purchasing, we highly recommend using Amazon’s Parts ​Finder Tool ⁤to ⁣ensure fitment for your specific vehicle. Revitalize your car, truck, van, or SUV ⁢with the OxGord AC‍ Dash Button Repair Kit – you won’t be disappointed! Visit the link below ‌to get yours today.

Key Features and Benefits

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The of this AC Dash Button Repair ⁣Kit ⁣are truly impressive. ‍The decals are made from professional commercial grade plastic matte vinyl with ​blacked filmed ​adhesive‌ to protect your buttons​ from sun damage and fading paint. This ensures that your buttons will stay ​looking ‌new​ and functioning properly for a long ⁤time.

Installing these decals is incredibly easy – simply clean the surface, apply each decal over the matching button,​ and enjoy a ‌precise⁤ and accurate alignment. These decals are ‌designed to easily⁣ match with their corresponding buttons, ⁣thanks to the powerful adhesive that prevents peeling. Make ⁤sure to check Amazon’s Parts Finder Tool to ensure proper⁤ fitment for your vehicle, and give your car, truck, van, or ‌SUV the upgrade it deserves. Visit our website to get your​ hands on this amazing product: Buy Now!

Detailed Insights ⁢and ⁢Recommendations

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When it comes to fixing those ruined, faded A/C control buttons in your car, look no further‍ than the OxGord AC Dash Button Repair Kit. Made from professional-grade plastic matte vinyl with a blacked​ filmed adhesive, these decals are ​designed to combat sun damage and hide fading paint, giving your car’s interior a fresh‍ new look. Installation is a breeze⁤ – simply clean the ⁣surface, apply each decal ⁢over the matching button, and ‌admire​ the ​results. The decals are easy to ⁤align, but may require some trimming for a perfect fit based on your vehicle’s make and model.

Don’t let ⁣sun damage and‌ faded buttons ruin the look of‌ your car – trust the OxGord AC Dash Button Repair Kit to restore your A/C control buttons to their former glory. These decals are not just stickers; they’re designed to easily align with the corresponding buttons and feature a powerful adhesive that prevents peeling. Before ‌purchasing, be sure to use Amazon’s Parts Finder Tool to ensure the kit fits your vehicle perfectly. Upgrade your car’s interior today with the OxGord AC Dash Button Repair‍ Kit. Visit‌ the link below to get yours now! Buy Now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Review Rating
These ⁣look great and fit nicely. Much cheaper that buying a new control. 5/5
Used these to repair​ the heat⁢ and air buttons on a 2011 suburban 5/5
Makes my dash look like factory new! Just one issue that I found. I had to re-cut each piece before peeling‌ them off of the card. The pieces are not cut all the way through and you ⁣risk​ damaging ​them if you pull too hard ‍to remove. I used a new single edge razor blade to ensure⁤ that removal was easy. Other than that, product is great. Durable and spot on accurate. 4/5
This ‌did a great job ‍to mask the buttons that appear worn. Use an exacto knife‌ to put on straight. Dashboard looked new again. 5/5
I was worried about‍ applying these straight but I used a‍ small squirt bottle ⁤to lightly apply some water and was able to maneuver them into place and let them dry. After install, the control looked as good as they did when the Traverse was new. We could finally see the ‌control we were using again and I am sure it made a difference when we sold the vehicle​ a year later. 5/5
The camera shows a‌ ton of light that’s really ⁤not the case. To be honest, nothing shows through for light; the stickers are like 5% too small. I would rather spend the $300 for a new console, but in a pinch, this looks good. I like the truck symbol a lot! Because before was a car, overall, ‍I based a review on 5 things: Day⁣ Looks‍ 5/5, Night Looks 2/5, Feel 3/5,‌ Easy-to-use 5/5, and ⁤Quality 2/5 3/5
Makes AC controls look brand new 5/5
Bought these ⁢for my car and⁤ they are perfect. ⁣They ​were easy to stick on and so far ⁣have held up great! Very happy! 5/5
You can ⁣see the light shine through in the dark just a little more if your buttons are extremely⁢ worn, but it looks stock and ​really cleans up the dash nicely 4/5
Adecuado. Me gusto su terminado y permite ver el botón que⁢ está activado,‌ no me gusto que por la ‍noche no ‍permite su identificación​ con la luz ⁢del panel 4/5
They make it look⁤ new again. Product was delivered fast. But⁢ the quality of the adhesive is very weak. 3/5

Overall, the OxGord AC Dash Button Repair Kit has received positive reviews​ from customers, with many praising its ability to make their vehicle’s‌ dashboard look⁢ new again. The ease​ of installation and durability of the product were⁤ also highlighted by several reviewers. However, some users did mention issues‌ with the size of the stickers and the quality of the adhesive. Despite these minor drawbacks, ⁣the majority of customers were satisfied with the ⁤results and ‍would recommend‌ this product to others looking to revamp their ride.

Pros & Cons

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Easy to install
Original design
Made in the USA
Protects buttons from sun damage
Powerful adhesive prevents peeling


May require trimming for ⁢accurate alignment
Alignment may vary based on make ⁤and​ model
Decals, ​not actual buttons

Overall, the OxGord AC Dash Button Repair Kit is a great solution⁤ for fixing ruined, faded A/C control buttons in select 07-14 GM vehicles. The easy installation and ⁤durable design‍ make it a reliable choice for revamping your ride. Just⁢ keep ‍in mind that some trimming may be necessary for a precise fit, and the alignment may vary depending on your vehicle ⁤model.⁤ But, with its original design and made in the USA construction,⁢ it’s a product worth considering to ‌upgrade your car, SUV, van, or‍ truck‌ accessories.


Q: What vehicles is the OxGord AC ​Dash Button Repair Kit compatible with?
A: The decal replacements in the kit are designed to fit select 2007-2014 GM vehicles. Make sure ​to use Amazon’s Parts Finder Tool to ensure compatibility with your specific car, truck, van, or SUV.

Q: How difficult is it to install the ‍decal replacements?
A: Installing ⁢the decals is a breeze! Simply clean the surface of any dirt and oil, then apply each decal over‍ the matching buttons. Take your ​time for precise placement, as alignment may‍ vary based on the make and model of your vehicle. The decals may require some trimming for a perfect fit.

Q: Are the decals durable?
A: Absolutely! Our​ decals are made from professional ⁣commercial grade plastic matte⁢ vinyl with blacked filmed adhesive, designed to combat sun damage and mask fading paint. The powerful adhesive prevents peeling, ensuring ⁤long-lasting durability.

Q: Can I⁣ remove the decals if​ needed?
A: ⁢If you need to remove the decals, they can be carefully peeled off without‌ damaging your buttons. However, we recommend using a⁢ professional to ensure a clean removal process.

Q: Are these decals a permanent solution for faded​ A/C ‍control buttons?
A: ⁣While our decals provide⁣ a fantastic​ solution for fixing ruined or⁤ faded A/C ⁢control buttons, please keep in mind that the effectiveness of the decals may vary⁢ depending on the condition of your ⁤buttons. It ‌is always⁤ best to take proper care of ​your vehicle’s interior to prevent further damage in ⁤the ⁤future.

Transform Your World

As we wrap up our review of the OxGord AC Dash Button Repair ‌Kit, we can confidently say that this product is a game-changer for revamping your ride. With its original design and high-quality materials, this repair kit is the best solution for fixing ruined,⁣ faded A/C control buttons in your GM vehicle.

Don’t​ let⁤ sun damage or fading paint ⁢ruin the ‌look of your dashboard any longer. The OxGord‌ repair kit is easy to install and offers long-lasting protection for your buttons. Say goodbye to peeling ‌stickers and hello to durable, precise ‍decals⁢ that will give your vehicle a fresh ​new look.

If you’re ready​ to give ⁢your car, SUV, van, or truck a makeover, click the link below to purchase the OxGord AC Dash Button ⁤Repair Kit now!

Revamp Your Ride with OxGord AC Dash Button Repair Kit!

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