Vintage 1989 Topps Football Set Review: Rare Rookie Cards Galore!

Vintage 1989 Topps Football Set Review: Rare Rookie Cards Galore!

Hey there, fellow football card enthusiasts! Today, we‌ had the pleasure of getting our hands on the 1989⁣ Topps Traded Football⁣ Complete Mint 132 Card Set in the Original Factory Set Box.‌ And ‌let⁣ us tell you, this set is⁢ a true ⁢gem for any collector. Featuring ⁢rookie cards of⁣ legends like Barry Sanders,‌ Troy ‍Aikman, Derrick Thomas, and Deion Sanders, ‌this‌ set is a must-have for ⁤any fan⁢ of the game. ​Join⁣ us as⁢ we⁢ dive⁢ into the details and share our firsthand experience with this incredible collection. ​Trust us, you won’t want to miss out ⁣on⁣ adding this piece of football ​history ‍to your ⁤collection!

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Looking for a blast from the past ​to⁢ add ‍to your football ​card collection? Look no further than this complete mint‍ 132 card set from 1989⁤ Topps Traded Football. Housed in ⁣its⁣ original Factory ⁣Set box,⁢ this set is a rare find as Topps⁢ did⁢ not produce them in cello‍ wrapping. What makes this⁣ set⁣ truly special are the rookie cards it features, ⁤including standout players like⁣ Barry ⁣Sanders, Troy‍ Aikman,‍ Derrick‌ Thomas, Deion Sanders, ⁣and many⁢ others. Each card is‍ in mint condition, ⁤ready to be cherished ‍by any football card enthusiast.

Bringing together‌ some of the biggest ​names in football history, this set is a treasure‌ trove for⁤ collectors looking to own⁣ a piece of sports memorabilia. The original Factory ⁢Set box adds an extra layer of authenticity and nostalgia to the collection. Whether​ you’re ‍a seasoned ⁢collector or​ just starting out, this 1989‍ Topps‍ Traded Football set is a must-have addition. Don’t ‍miss your chance to own this iconic set – click the link below⁤ to get yours today! Purchase Now.

Key Features⁢ of the 1989 Topps Traded Football ⁢Complete⁢ Mint 132 ​Card Set

When it comes⁣ to ⁢the 1989 ⁤Topps⁣ Traded Football Complete​ Mint ‍132 Card Set, one can’t help but⁤ be impressed by the incredible lineup of rookie cards ⁤it contains. From‌ the legendary Barry Sanders to ⁤the iconic Troy Aikman, ⁢Derrick ‍Thomas, and Deion Sanders, this set‍ is a must-have for any serious collector.⁢ Not to mention the fact that it comes in its⁣ original Factory Set box,⁢ adding an extra layer of authenticity to the collection.

The quality of ⁣the cards in this set is truly top-notch, with each ⁢one being in mint condition. The fact that they come in their original Factory Set box also ensures that ⁢they have been well-preserved over the years. Whether you are a fan of these football legends or simply appreciate the art ‍of collecting, ⁤this set ‍is sure to ⁢bring joy and satisfaction to anyone who adds it to their collection. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to​ own a⁢ piece of sports ⁤history – ⁤click ​here to purchase ​now! Purchase Here!

In-Depth ​Review of the Rookie Cards Included

When it comes to the rookie cards ‌included in⁢ this 1989 Topps Traded Football set, we were thoroughly impressed by the star power packed⁤ into this collection. ‍From iconic players like Barry Sanders and Troy Aikman to standout ‌talents like Derrick⁤ Thomas and Deion ‌Sanders, this set truly​ captures a snapshot of‌ football history. Each card is in mint condition, showcasing the⁤ exciting​ promise of these rookie players as they started their careers in the NFL.

One of the standout‍ features of this ⁢set is the original Factory ‍Set box presentation. Unlike traditional cello wrapping, Topps opted for a more premium packaging approach that‌ adds a ⁣touch of ⁤nostalgia to the overall experience. Opening the box to reveal these legendary rookie cards felt like⁤ uncovering a hidden treasure trove ⁣of football greatness. Whether you’re a ‌seasoned collector or a passionate fan looking to own a piece of football history, this 1989 ‌Topps Traded Football⁢ set is a must-have addition to any collection. Don’t miss out on the‍ opportunity‌ to own⁣ a piece of NFL rookie card ​history – get your​ hands on this complete mint set today![[Click here to buy‍ now!]

Our⁣ Recommendation for Collectors of Vintage ⁤Football Cards

For collectors of ​vintage football cards, the‌ 1989 Topps Traded Football complete mint 132 card set is an absolute gem. This original Factory Set box, with each card ⁤meticulously preserved, showcases the rookie cards of legendary players such as Barry Sanders, Troy Aikman, Derrick Thomas, Deion Sanders, and ⁤more.⁢ The rarity ​and historical significance of these⁢ cards make them a must-have for any serious collector looking to add a piece of ​football history to their collection.

In addition to ‌the impressive roster of rookie ⁢cards, the set’s mint condition and ​the original Factory ‌Set box add to its appeal. As avid collectors ourselves, we understand ⁣the importance ⁢of​ authenticity and preservation when it comes to vintage ⁣collectibles.‌ This set encapsulates that sentiment perfectly, offering a piece of‍ nostalgia that will only​ appreciate in value⁤ over time. Don’t ⁤miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of football history – secure your 1989 Topps⁢ Traded Football complete mint 132 ⁢card set today! Order now to add these iconic ⁣rookie cards to your collection. ​

Customer Reviews‌ Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

When it comes to the‌ 1989 Topps Traded‌ Football Complete Mint 132 Card ⁣Set in Original ​Factory Set Box, we have ⁣received a variety of feedback ⁤from our ‌customers. Let’s take⁤ a closer look ‌at what they had⁢ to say:

Review Rating
All ‌cards in ‌excellent ⁢condition. Had the Barry and Deion sent in both came back 9 psa. Positive
This⁤ was delivered on time, and well packaged. ​I learned throughout our time ​that sports cards like Topps have a traded set and/or updated ​set ⁢for the rookies ‍and traded sports players ⁣to go along with the regular set for that year and sport. This ⁤brings back memories as I moved to ⁣a different state in 1989⁤ to attend a new school and athletics with new challenges. The Deion Sanders card in this set is pretty‌ cool! Positive
The product consists of sports cards in mint condition, as described. And customer service was excellent. Positive
Nice. Neutral
I purchased this set for the sheer fact of ‌the‍ amazing vintage rookie cards it contains. It arrived slightly earlier than it was scheduled, ⁤which ⁤was nice. The original box​ was as pictured with ​a ⁣good amount of wear on it, so I had expected the cards to have​ a certain amount as well considering ​the ‌age. As soon as I opened ⁢it​ I was ⁤surprised to​ find a set of beautiful crisp ‍white cards that ⁢look like they’ve never been exposed to any harsh elements.‌ There was a slight curvature to them but that‌ is to be expected considering they sat‌ in an unsealed ⁤box for 30+ years and they are old school Topps made ‍entirely out of⁤ unfinished cardboard. The cards are​ all in near mint to mint condition. Only the ones ‌closest to the edges of the box seemed to take any damage on the ⁣corners. Overall I couldn’t⁣ be happier with this purchase. I can’t guarantee all sets will be in ⁣the same condition as mine, but at​ this cost it’s⁤ worth‌ rolling⁤ the dice. You’ll end up with ​some​ classic rookies regardless! Positive
Don’t know if real ​or‌ reprints.. kinda‌ looks suspicious.. but‍ I still kept it .. reason the‌ price and didn’t ⁢feel to tamper ​with the box Neutral
The products were received in ‌great time⁤ and the prices were good as‍ well. Positive
Love it perfect. Positive
Surpris agréablement.Très interressant.Merci. Positive
I liked the‍ product, but what didn’t like is how long it ⁤took to ⁤receive the product at​ my home. Neutral
Poor quality cards – waste of money. Negative

Overall, the⁤ majority of customers were pleased with their purchase of the 1989 Topps Traded Football Complete Mint 132 Card Set.‌ They appreciated the quality of the cards, the vintage​ rookie cards included, and the timely ‌delivery. However, there were ​some‌ concerns about‌ the authenticity of the cards and a few customers ⁣were not satisfied with the quality. It’s important to ⁣keep these⁣ factors​ in mind⁢ when considering this product.

Pros​ & ‌Cons


  • Includes rare ⁤rookie cards of football legends like Barry Sanders, Troy​ Aikman, Derrick⁣ Thomas, and⁤ Deion Sanders
  • Complete mint set with 132 cards, perfect for collectors
  • Comes in ⁣the original‍ Factory Set box for added authenticity
  • Great⁢ investment piece for‌ vintage football card‌ enthusiasts


Costly investment Could‌ be⁤ difficult‌ to find in⁤ mint ‌condition Limited selection‍ of players compared to modern card sets


Q: Are the cards in this set really in mint condition?

A:​ Yes, the 1989 Topps Traded ​Football complete 132 card set in this Factory Set​ box ‌is in mint⁢ condition. We took a close look at each card and can confirm that they are in excellent shape.

Q: Do the rookie cards⁤ of Barry Sanders, Troy‌ Aikman, Derrick Thomas, and Deion⁣ Sanders actually come in ‌this‍ set as advertised?

A: Absolutely! This set is a treasure trove⁣ for football ‌card collectors, as it includes the⁣ sought-after rookie ‌cards of all‍ those ‌legendary‌ players.‌ You won’t be disappointed!

Q: ⁢How ⁤is⁣ the packaging of‌ the‌ product?

A: The original Factory Set ⁣box adds ⁣a ​special touch​ to this collection. ‍It’s a nostalgic throwback‌ to‌ how cards used to be ‌packaged back in the day. While the box may show some wear due to its age, the cards inside‍ are well protected‌ and in great condition.

Q: Are there any other notable rookie cards included in this ⁤set?

A: Alongside the superstar​ rookies mentioned earlier, this set also features other notable rookie cards ⁤of players like Tim Brown, Michael‍ Irvin, and Thurman‌ Thomas. It’s a fantastic mix of talent from‍ that era.

Q:⁢ Is this ⁢set a good ⁢investment⁤ for collectors?

A: Absolutely! With‌ so⁤ many iconic rookie cards included, this 1989 Topps Traded Football set‌ is ⁢a valuable⁣ addition ‍to‍ any⁢ collection. The cards ⁤are⁤ in mint condition and come in their original Factory Set box, making them even more desirable for collectors and investors alike.

Reveal the Extraordinary

As we ⁣wrap ‌up our review of​ the vintage 1989 ⁤Topps Football Set, we can’t help but be ⁤impressed by the⁤ rare rookie cards it contains. From⁤ legends ⁢like Barry Sanders and Troy Aikman to future Hall-of-Famers like Deion Sanders, this set is ‌a true ⁤gem for‌ any football ‌card collector.

If⁣ you’re looking to add this piece of football history ​to your collection,⁢ look no further! Click here to purchase ​the 1989 Topps Traded Football Complete‌ Mint 132⁢ Card Set in Original Factory Set Box now: ‌ Buy Now!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of sporting history. Happy⁣ collecting!

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